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Destigmatising Mental Health and Wellbeing

By 8 March 2023No Comments

As a student at the University of Bradford, I believe that destigmatising mental health and wellbeing is of utmost importance. Mental health struggles are prevalent amongst university students, and yet, there is still a great deal of stigma surrounding it. This stigma can prevent individuals from seeking help when they need it, leading to detrimental effects on their mental health and academic performance.

The University of Bradford has taken steps to combat the stigma surrounding mental health through initiatives such as the UoB/Well App and Mental Health Student Ambassadors. The UoB/Well App provides students with a range of tools to support their mental health, including access to self-help resources, personalized recommendations, and mindfulness exercises.  The University has created several Student Mental Health Ambassadors roles.

This team of students have been trained to offer peer-to-peer support. They actively lead on and promote the importance of mental health and champion wellbeing and self-care. Acting as role models to normalize mental health and overcome social and cultural barriers to access, facilitating discussions and encouraging students to share experiences and support each other. A visible presence on campus – with their roles identifiable through branded hoodies. This group of students  facilitate regular student drop-in sessions at different locations across the campus, many of these running specifically for South Asian students. They also organise for external agencies to come and deliver training and workshops and run information stalls to help improve access and increase the mental health literacy of students.

The UoB/Well app is a useful resource for seeking help and improving access to mental health support for students. The app does not diagnose a condition or substitute care from a mental health professional; however, it can support students overall mental health.

By destigmatising mental health and wellbeing, students can feel more comfortable seeking the help they need without fear of judgment or discrimination. This can lead to early interventions and treatments, which can have a significant impact on a student’s mental health and academic performance. Furthermore, initiatives like the UoB/Well App and Mental Health Student Ambassadors can provide additional resources for students to manage their mental health.

Destigmatising mental health can also create a more inclusive and supportive environment for all students, regardless of their mental health status. This can lead to a reduction in feelings of isolation and promote a sense of community within the university.

In conclusion, destigmatising mental health and wellbeing is crucial for the wellbeing and academic success of students at the University of Bradford. By continuing to support initiatives like the UoB/Well App and  Student  Mental Health Ambassadors, we can create a more positive and inclusive university community.

If you need support with your mental health and wellbeing support is available.  Contact the University Counselling and Wellbeing service Tel: +44 (0)1274 235750.

The Counselling and Mental Health Service are located in Student Central, level 01

  • 24 hour helpline: 0800 028 3766

Free and confidential service for students operated by Health Assured.

Students at the University of Bradford can now access a range of mental health and other support online. The uobwell app is free to students and hosts an array of support and is aimed at increasing mental health support amongst students.

More information about the app and wellbeing events taking place at University can be found at @UoBWell and

To find out how you can get involved get in touch by email-


Welcome to the UoB Well app!