Alcohol & Drugs

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Alcohol and drugs can become an issue at any stage of life.

While studying at university you can be more susceptible especially if you have moved away from home and are independent for the first time. Experimenting with drugs and excessive drinking may seem socially acceptable, you may also feel peer pressure to ‘fit in’. You may be dealing with complex personal issues which along with study stress may turn you to alcohol or drugs to help cope. However you come into contact with alcohol and drugs, if you choose to partake ensure that your choices are informed and you are prepared so you can keep yourself as safe as possible.

Drug use and alcohol misuse can contribute to poor mental health. Equally, poor mental health can lead to increased substance misuse, smoking and addictive behaviours. This means we can find ourselves trapped in a vicious circle.

If drugs or alcohol are becoming a problem for you or someone you know, there are people and resources available to help. People are impacted in a variety of ways. The earlier the problem is addressed, the less likely that drugs or alcohol will cause serious consequences.

You can find further information in the Directory or you can talk to someone confidentiality about issues you or someone close to you are dealing with