Losing somebody close affects everyone differently.

When you’ve lost someone, you might feel numb, sad, anxious, exhausted, angry or guilty. There’s no right or wrong way to feel, everyone grieves differently.

Facing grief while at University can be extremely challenging especially while under immense pressure of studies, exams, essays and dissertations. You may also be living far away from home and your family and friends making the loss you have felt even harder.

It’s extremely important that you take care of yourself physically and mentally during this tough time. Don’t feel guilty for taking care of yourself. And don’t forget that while grief can be overwhelming, with time things do get easier. So be patient and give yourself all the time you need.

Some students will unfortunately experience grief during their studies. It is imperative you raise any bereavement with the university so we can fully support you be it via our professional counselling services or through extenuating circumstances for your studies.

Video tips for bereavement