Navigating through unprecedented times is tough for anyone, navigating those times while studying at University can be extremely difficult.

With lock downs and isolation an ever present threat and no one sure what the future will hold, the uncertainty and challenges that Covid-19 present can have huge ramifications on your mental health.

You might find yourself feeling worried about the spread of coronavirus and its impact on you and your loved ones.​ The important thing to remember is that however you are feeling right now is valid. With the right help and support, you can get through this.

It’s important to  remind each other to look after our physical and mental health. Sharing thoughts, feelings and experiences can help you and others gain understanding, allowing you time to reflect and to be able to cope with the constant flux of the unknown. Find out how other students are responding to the challenges created by coronavirus

A support network is incredibly important to help you through University and the ramifications of Covid-19. There are many support structures in place at the University from the Students Union to Counselling services that are always available to help if you are struggling.

Video about being a student during a pandemic