Making Friends

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A big part of settling in at university is meeting new people and making friends.

When you arrive, you’ll get plenty of help from the University of Bradford and the Students’ Union to make friends. Your first couple of weeks will be full of events to help you meet people. At Freshers’ Fair, you’ll find out about clubs and societies where you can meet students with similar interests.

Making friends is not just something that happens in the first week, be open to experiences and make friends throughout the entirety of your time at the University.

On your course

Instead of sitting alone during lectures, ask if you can sit next to someone. When you get to your seminars, sit at group tables with other students. The time before the lecturer arrives is the perfect opportunity to introduce yourself and learn new names.

In a society or sports team

When you start university, you’ll automatically become a member of the Students’ Union. Visit the Union website and see if there are any societies or sports teams that interest you. Sign up for something you’re interested in even if you have little experience. Most groups welcome beginners.

By volunteering

Volunteering in the local community is another great way to meet new people. Volunteering can also help you add valuable experiences to your CV. When you volunteer, you’ll contribute to local causes you’re passionate about and meet other people with the same interests. Find out more about volunteering opportunities.

Strike up a random conversation

Don’t be scared to talk to people in your tutorials, seminars, and lectures are great places for you to meet some new friends. Having course mates is super beneficial if you happen to miss a lecture or have no idea what work you need to do for class.

Hang in communal spaces

Whether it’s your university hall kitchen or faculty building common room, go have a sit in the communal areas. Staying alone in your room or hiding in the library helps when you’re studying but not when you’re trying to make friends. Don’t be scared to talk to people, striking up a random conversation can lead to a lifelong friend

Keep yourself open

After you meet a group of people, don’t shut yourself out from meeting others. Make sure you have a variety of friends from all different parts of your university life. It’s always great to have other friends to lean on.

Invite people to do things

Ask people to go get coffee, study together, go to events or even if they want to walk to class together. Being proactive in getting to know others is one of the only ways you’ll be able to make friendships.

Remember everyone is on the same boat

Sometimes it’s hard to remember you’re not alone and that everyone is going through the same thing. Everybody is just as nervous as you starting off their university journey and so they’ll always appreciate a friendly chat with someone.