Peer Support

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Peer Support offers a number of opportunities where trained student leaders offer help and guidance.

Peer-to-peer support aims to encourage students to work together and support each other in their learning community. This could be to get help with course related issues, or just to connect with and talk to others.

Peer Assisted Learning (PAL)

Regular small group learning sessions for newer students led by higher-level students. PAL is part of the programme timetable and students set the topics of these sessions.  If your programme offers PAL then it will appear on your timetable.

Peer Mentoring

Peer mentors offer one-to-one guidance for new students. Mentors can help students adjust to university study and university life, empowering them to find solutions, and help them build confidence and gain independence.

Peer Mentoring for Wellbeing

Peer mentors facilitate small groups of students who meet on a regular basis to support wellbeing. If Peer Mentoring for wellbeing is on offer you will receive messages about how to get involved.

PGR Connect

Fellow postgraduate students offer a support network and community for our researchers, aiming to foster well being and a sense of belonging.

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