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The Art of Letting Go!

By 21 December 2022No Comments

More often than ever, we often find ourselves stuck in the same behaviour loop for years. Whether it is the decisions in our lives or our emotions, we are so stern on holding onto the things that restrict us from moving forward in life.

When we talk about growth; internal growth in its entirety, it is essential to process our longingness for things that no longer serve a purpose in our lives. Over time I have realised that our entire life is an act of holding on and letting go.

We are often encouraged to adapt a positive lifestyle and mindset. Letting go of what cannot be controlled is the first thing that helps us achieve tranquillity. Start with filtering what is of enough importance to you. If a certain individual or situation is not worth your emotional capacity, you stop letting it slide into your personal space.

Secondly, for things that hold significant value to you, bifurcate what is good for you and what is nothing less than baggage. Let go of the baggage and liberate yourself to a newer and broader perspective in life.

It isn’t always about having too much of everything or having enough. I have learned over the years that its more about substance it carries. The quality it brings in your life. It’s about one door closing and another swinging open. Let go what’s not yours to keep and embrace what life has in store for you whole heartedly! This is where the art is. This is where your life is.

If you need support with your mental health and wellbeing support is available.  Contact the University Counselling and Wellbeing Service Tel: +44 (0)1274 235750.

The Counselling and Mental Health Service are located in Student Central, level 01.

Free and confidential service for students operated by Health Assured.24 hour helpline: 0800 028 3766

Students at the University of Bradford can now access a range of mental health and other support online. The uobwell app is free to students and hosts an array of support and is aimed at increasing mental health support amongst students. You can access the wellbeing web app on any device @

The app is a great resource for students to help you maintain good mental health and wellbeing throughout your studies via useful tools and tips.

More information about the app and wellbeing events taking place at University can be found at @UoBWell and

To find out how you can get involved get in touch by email-

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