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Learning how to juggle


As a mature full-time student with dyslexia, children and a part-time job university has most certainly had its challenging moments and its difficulties. Studying has not been the easiest of things to do, especially as it spanned the whole of the Covid 19 pandemic, but I am so glad I pushed myself and took on the opportunity to earn a degree to enhance my knowledge and skills to start a new career!

There have been days when things have become overwhelming trying to juggle family commitments, work, uni and ongoing health issues, these all impacted on assignment writing, I had almost given up on my studies a couple of times as writing just seemed like an impossible task, so many things needed doing and they were hard to ignore like the ironing pile looked like the Leaning Tower of Pisa and my son’s socks would be on the verge of hopping out of the every filling wash basket!  It can be hard at times but organizing your own time and starting assignments early is a good habit to get into as deadlines really do quickly approach and there is nothing worse than stress writing at the last minute. I found that instead of struggling and feeling overwhelmed and alone,  it was far more beneficial to talk to the tutors at university as they are very understanding and supportive. There is also a great academic support team on hand to help with advice and tips for essay writing and researching.

I found an effective way to utilize my time was to use my phone to read and research, when I was having a brew, or on public transport or if you have a spare 10 minutes make the most of them. Ted talks and YouTube were great as a brain break from reading but still gaining knowledge at the same time.  However, do not forget to look after yourself and have a little time out, go for a walk, meet with friends or family for a coffee or just chill with a movie or some music.

I am now at the end of my three-year course and despite it feeling like a roller coaster ride at times, I am glad I have done it and have a sense of achievement! I would say if you were thinking of undertaking a degree you are never too old to learn new things!

3rd year social science mature student

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